Some of our Frequently Asked Questions.
1. What is SimplePerm?
SimplePerm, the Quick and Simple Eyelash Perming Kit, semi-permanently curls the lashes in under 20 minutes.

2. Who can use SimplePerm?
SimplePerm can only be purchased and performed by a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist. We do not recommend the kit for self service. Please visit our SimplePerm Technician Locator to find your local SimplePerm Technician for the best results.

3. Do I need to be trained to use SimplePerm?
SimplePerm is so simple we do not require you to take a SimplePerm course but you must be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist to purchase and use SimplePerm for service. SimplePerm comes equipped with easy to follow instructions and you may purchase a training DVD for further instructions. also offers technical help if you should ever need it. You can also call JB Cosmetics at (800) 748-5168 we are always here to assist you!

4. Can SimplePerm be used on any type of lashes?
SimplePerm can be used on healthy lashes of any length.

5. Can SimplePerm be used on women who are pregnant or nursing?
If you are pregnant or nursing, we recommend that you consult with a physician before using SimplePerm.

6. Can I use SimplePerm on a client who has eyelash extensions?
SimplePerm should not be used on clients who is currently wearing eyelash extensions. SimplePerm may be used on a client before eyelash extensions are applied. We recommend waiting a week between each service.

7. How long does SimplePerm last?
Clients with virgin lashes will see the results of SimplePerm for up to one month after their initial service. Clients who continue to have their lashes permed with SimplePerm will see results for up to two months after the service.

8. What is the difference between SimplePerm Curling Cream #1 and SimplePerm Conditioning Cream #2?
Curling Cream #1 will curl the lashes when it is used with the SimplePerm Curling Clip. Conditioning Cream #2 neutralizes Curling Cream #1 and allows the lashes to be beautifully conditioned.

9. Do the SimplePerm Creams have a strong odor?
The Curling Creams have a relatively low odor. It is often undetectable to most clients, even those with heightened sensitivity.

10. What is the shelf life for the SimplePerm Curling Creams?
The SimplePerm Creams have a six month shelf life once they are opened. If unopened, the Creams are good for 1 year.

11. When do I need to replace the SimplePerm Curling Clips?
SimplePerm Curling Clips are reusable and can be sanitized by placing them either in barbicide disinfectant or a UV sterilizer. Your SimplePerm Curling Clips are extremely resilient and do not need to be replaced until they show obvious wear.

12. How many services can be done with one SimplePerm Eyelash Perming Kit?
The SimplePerm Curling Creams typically renders between 30-40 services, though some technicians have used the Curling Creams for up to 50 services.

13. Will the SimplePerm Creams leak in my client's eyes?
The SimplePerm Curling Clip is designed with a leak-proof, inner security pad liner that shields the eyes from any possible irritation.

14. Do the SimplePerm Curling Clips come in different sizes?
The SimplePerm Curling Clips innovative technology creates the need for only one size of clip. The SimplePerm Curling Clips work well with all kinds of clients, even those with deep set eyes or short lashes.

15. How long are the SimplePerm Creams applied?
Curling Cream #1 should be left on for a minimum 6 minutes and a maximum 16 minutes. If your client has resistant, thick or virgin lashes, you can choose to leave the clips on for the maximum time. If client's lashes are extremely thin you may opt to leave the #1 solution on for 6 minutes. If client has normal lashes, you may leave the solution on for 12 minutes. If you are ever unsure how long to leave Curling Cream #1 on a clients' lashes, leave it on for only for 12 minutes. Remember, you can put the clips on again if needed. As a rule, Conditioning Cream #2 is left on a clients' lashes for four minutes.

16. Is it okay to unsnap the SimplePerm Clips off of my clients' lashes?
Unsnapping the SimplePerm Clip could result in the SimplePerm Creams coming into contact with the clients' eyes. Do not unsnap the clips and, remove the clips diagonally - sliding them off, away from the clients' nose. This method will remove the Cream from the client's lashes while continually providing protection from the Cream through the clips' inner security pad lining.

17. Why do I need to use SimplePerm Mascara after the SimplePerm service?
SimplePerm Mascara is specifically formulated to work with permed lashes. Using SimplePerm Mascara immediately after the service allows gravity to work for your clients' lashes, keeping the curls lifted. It also works to remove excess residue from the solution creams and conditions lashes as a final treat ment to the service. SimplePerm Mascara is also available for resale so that your clients can achieve this look at home, though it is not required as a regular part of their every day routine.

18. Why do I need to avoid water after my SimplePerm service?
If the clients' lashes come into contact with water after the service, the client's lashes have the potential to become uncurled. To ensure that the lashes maintain its curl, avoid water contact near the eyes for 24 hours after the SimplePerm service.

19. Can SimplePerm be used with lash tint?
We do not recommend tinting the lashes at the same time as using SimplePerm. We recommend a week between each service.

20. How are the SimplePerm clips applied on my clients' lashes?
The SimplePerm clips are applied smooth side down on the clients' lashes, placed as close to the lash line as possible. When the clip is closed, the lash guard will be at the top of the clip. The technician should be able to see the clients' lashes through the guard of the SimplePerm clip.

21. How do I apply the SimplePerm clip on a client with deep-set eyes?
When working with a client with deep-set eyes, attach the clip at an angle. The top of the clip should be angled in, towards the clients' eyebrows.

22. Why did my clients' lashes frizz?
A client's lashes will frizz if Curling Cream #1 was left on for too long. Be sure to use the timer provided in the SimplePerm kit to avoid frizzy lashes.

23. Why do my client's lashes look bent?
A client's lashes will look bent if the lashes were not properly aligned in the SimplePerm Clips. To avoid this, be sure to look through the rows of SimplePerm Clip to ensure that the lashes are positioned straight throughout the clip. A clients' lashes could also look bent if the lashes were moved by the application brush when either of the SimplePerm Creams were applied. To prevent this, ensure that you are gently pushing the creams in an upward motion through the rows of the clips, not brushing the creams side to side the rows of the clips. Brushing the creams side to side in the rows of the clpis the clips cause lash movement which causes the lashes to curl bent and out of place.

24. Why do my client's lashes look clumped together?
A client's lashes will look clumped if the lashes were not properly aligned in the SimplePerm Clips. To avoid this, be sure to look through the rows of SimplePerm Curling Clip to ensure that the lashes are positioned evenly throughout the clip. You may want to brush out the client's lashes with a mascara wand before the service. This can help with easier positioning of the client's lashes in the SimplePerm Clip.

25. My lashes are relaxed even though I just performed the SimplePerm service, what do I do?
The lashes may relax if Curling Cream #1 was not left on long enough. You may apply Curling Cream #1 again but to do so in small increments to prevent the lashes from frizzing. This could also happen if the client's lashes came into contact with water too soon after the service.

26. What is the best technique to achieve the curliest lashes?
For shorter lashes, ensure that the SimplePerm Clip is positioned as close to your client's lash line as possible. For long lashes, during Conditioning Cream #2 you may prop the SimplePerm Clips at an angle with a cotton pad. This will angle the clip, deepening the angle of the lashes, resulting in a more dramatic curl.

27. How much should I charge for a SimplePerm service?
JB Cosmetics recommends its technicians to charge between $40 and $90 depending, of course, on their location and location's demographics.

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